NC man pulls 6-foot snake from neighbor’s toilet

14 Sep , 2018

LATTIMORE, N.C. — Like any good neighbor, Mike Greene answered the call when the 88-year-old man who lives down the street from him reached out for help. “He lives alone.  He’s in very good health, very good shape, but he doesn’t do snakes,” said Greene. As it turned out, a snake had somehow slithered its way into his neighbor’s toilet. Greene says it’s the fourth one that’s made its way inside the home, located in Lattimore, N.C. over the last six years.

NC man pulls 6-foot snake from neighbor's toilet

Greene didn’t hesitate and began tugging on the snake, while his neighbor starting capturing it on camera. It took just a few minutes for Greene to get the snake out. Both men say they were shocked at its size.

“Well look how big he is Mike. Golly, I told you he was big,” you can hear his neighbor say in the video.

Greene estimates the snake to be about six feet long and says it’s one of the biggest he’s ever captured at his neighbor’s home.

After the incident, Greene posted the video on Facebook to share with his friends and family, but it has since gone viral. The video has been shared more 20,000 times and has more than 5.5 million views.

“It has gone crazy. If I had the idea and tried this on purpose it never would have happened,” said Greene.

Experts say six of North Carolina’s 37 snake species are venomous, three of which are found in the Piedmont area. They say sightings of the slithering serpents are on the rise because mild winters have led to an abundance of bugs, rodents, and toads, which snakes eat.

Greene says the snake in his neighbor’s toilet was harmless and if ever asked to help again, he’d be there. “Oh yeah, he can count on me for a rescue,” said Greene.

Greene says he released the snake into a nearby field.

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