As humans clear more forest and land where snakes live, these animals become more common in urban and rural communities. While it is a rare occurrence for a snake to enter a toilet, when it does happen, the event can cause panic among the home’s residents. If the snake enters the toilet from the plumbing system, there is nothing to prevent it. Blocking the plumbing system is not a reasonable option.

Step 1

Close the toilet lid after use. Some snakes are expert climbers and could enter the bowl if the lid is up.

Step 2

Confine pet snakes to cages or rooms where they can’t escape. A roaming pet snake may give you quite a surprise if it gets into the toilet.

Step 3

Close the bathroom door. A snake is much more likely to enter a room if the door is ajar.

Step 4

Use a toilet lock designed to prevent toddlers from opening the lid. Some constrictor snakes can use their powerful muscles to lift an unlocked toilet lid.

Certainly, there are different methods to stop vermin in toilets. We created Totet Toilet Safety Valve to solve this problem once and for all. Using our toilet safety valve you not only can block any type of animals forever but also can reduce your water wastage in every flush.

By Dan Fielder

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