Snake found in Texas toilet led to discovery of dozens more`

About two dozen snakes were discovered in a Texas home after a young boy found an adult rattlesnake in his family’s toilet.

Snake in toilet in Texas

Big Country Snake Removal shared photos from the Abeline home where they discovered a total of 24 snakes after receiving a call about a rattlesnake in the toilet on Tuesday morning.
“I found this big clump and I knew it was (a) snake,” the young boy, Isac Mcfadden told KVUE of his encounter with the first snake. His mother Cassie Mcfadden sent one of his brothers to get a shovel to kill the rattlesnake, while her husband contacted Big Country Snake Removal for assistance. Upon arriving at the property the snake catcher from Big Country Snake Removal instantly identified a few “problematic areas” including the storm cellar where he discovered 13 adult rattlesnakes. He then searched the perimeter of the property and went underneath the house where he found five adults and five babies.Big Country Snake Removal said the snakes were able to reside in the home unnoticed for so long due to their secretive nature and reliance on camouflage.

“This is simply how they survive,” the snake catcher said. “Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there…”

By Daniel Uria

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